A few days in Mt Ranier With a Master...

Okay, First thoughts on doing a workshop with master nature photographer and all around great artist, Art Wolfe. This Ranier workshop was quite a treat. I love traveling to the national parks, having been to many, and this trip marks my completion of the four corners of the country. I'm not sure that is a thing but it was for me having visiting San Diego, Key West and Acadia National Park in Maine. Seattle rounded things out and now just a few states remain for me to visit and I will have have hit all 50.

As far as the photography goes, This was a challenge for me. I am used to doing grand vistas, mountains, canyons, rivers, sunsets etc. This event was all about looking deeper into a scene and pulling abstracts out of nature. It was moe difficult than I thought it would be but I managed to pull out a few good shots. This first one unfortunately, I can't take full credit for. Art actually framed up the shot with my camera while giving me a personal lesson on a river bank. The Vine Maples are a delicate tree, more like a shrub actually, and the goal was to juxtapose one, or any other tree or stationary object, against a moving stream.Not an abstract in this case.

While Art found the subject and tripped the shutter we did have a back and forth about framing. Afterward, it was left to me to finish in Lightroom. I think it is a beautiful shot with the aforementioned juxtaposition, the complimentary golden yellow of the leaves and the blues tint of the rushing water and the delicateness of the tree all coming to gather to form a nice, intimate image.

I shoot with a Sony A7R3 and this was shot at 200mm at 50 ISO, f22 at 3.2 seconds.

Let me know what you think.

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