Abstracts in Nature

I learned some valuable lessons this past weekend taking the Art Wolfe workshop in Mt Ranier. As previously stated, I am accustomed to looking for the big, grand, post card type shots but this time around I was forced to dig deep and look for things that no-one else is seeing. It was a great exercise and I will continue to practice it to help develop my eye. In a few days I will be going to Smoky Mt National Park to shoot fall colors and the elk rut. I have been there many times but hopefully this trip I can find more to shoot by looking for abstracts like this one. A side note about Smoky Mt's Park, it is very crowded this time of year due to the fall colors as well as the elk rut!

Shot with the Sony A7r3, 70-200mm @ 70mm, ISO 50, f22 for 2 seconds. The long exposure allowed me to tilt up as the shutter tripped.

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