Gettin "Art"see

I’m here in Mt Ranier National Park today doing some scouting, with just my iPhone and some bad lighting, for the upcoming days adventure, that being a photography workshop with none other than Art Wolfe, arguably the most talented nature photographer out there with a 50 or so year long career.

Firstly, if you find yourself here you have to try The Trailhead Bar and Grille in Ashford, located a few miles outside the park. The elk burger was the best burger I have had probably since visiting Guy Fieri’s place in Vegas. Oh, the garlic parmesan fries were damn good too!

Now that that is out of the way let’s talk about the workshop. I have had a long career in the lighting business helping others bring their vision to fruition. Being the creator of a thing is different. The ideas now need to emanate from within me. It is quite easy to go take shots of grand vistas but going deeper into a scene to find the shot within the shot requires really being able to see, to visualize with an artist’s eye. Art Wolfe is a master of this and spends much of his time teaching others how to do it.

snowy peaks in Mt Ranier National Park

Tomorrow will be a good test since weather seems to have hampered the original itinerary and will wreak havoc on the light, which for a guy who focuses on light, well you get the picture… no pun intended. The grand vistas will probably not even be an option so the next couple days will be a deep dive into seeing like an artist. Luckily I have a good teacher along with me.

Results to follow….

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