Hauntingly Beautiful

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

I had been hearing of Driftwood Beach, on Jekyll Island, one of the beautiful coastal islands of Georgia, for some time but never seemed to find the time for a visit. Well, I finally made it and it did not disappoint. Actually, it did disappoint in the beginning. I arrived in time to shoot some sunset shots but jut couldn't find the shot, The angles were wrong, the light was wrong, there was too much clutter in the back ground.... I was hearing all these people walking around saying " oh my god, this is a photographers dream" or some such silliness. I bought into it and started wondering about my talents and abilities, "what's going on here, I suck, I can't find a single shot", etc.

Well on my way out I stumbled upon something and I captured a mediocre shot so it wasn't a total loss. The following morning was a different story. I scouted nice angles the night before and knew just where to go. As you may know, golden hour is fleeting so I only made it to two of the locations I picked out and only one of them produced for me. This tree saved my trip but the moment was fleeting and my schedule didn't allow for another morning to try,

What I learned was to hold onto my confidence. Don't start doubting your knowledge or abilities. I have since spoken with a friend who agreed, "oh yeah, sucks for sunset, it's all about the sunrise". I couldn't agree more.

Sony A7riii, 24-70mmGM @52mm, iso 100, 30sec@f8

Sony A7riii, 24-70mmGM @27mm, iso 50, 30sec@f11

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