Southern Appalachia????

I know, I know, what the hell is a shot of bamboo doing with a tag of southern appalchia? Well, this shot was actually gotten on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC. The estate was huge, even in it's day of land barons. From a hilltop George Vanderbilt exclaimed that he wanted everything within his sight to be part of the estate, including Mt Pisgah, which was 14 mile away. When you are that rich you can afford to bring in Frederick Law Olmstead to do your landscaping and old Fred thought it would be cool to create a bamboo garden. The estate is now a fraction of it's original size but definitely a sight that all should see if possible. After all, it is the largest home ever built in the US.

Shot with a Canon 5D mark ll, 16-35mm f2.8 at ISO 1250

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