Trying my hand at painting...

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Painting digitally that is. These shots were captured several years ago, before I was quite proficient at focusing I guess. I really like them both but kept them out of my portfolio due to the focus issues. Recently I decided to play around with some filters in Photoshop and applied the oil paint filter with some success. First up is the Snake River and Geand Tetons. This view was made famous by Ansel Adams however it has changed a bit over time with more trees in the foreground.

This second shot was on a trip to Glacier National Park but, frankly, I don't remember where it is exactly.

Sometimes it's good to play around with different editing techniques to find something new in a shot. This notion was inspired in me just a couple days ago when I learned that Ansel Adams himself reprinted a photo 1300 different times and sold millions of dollars worth of the prints over the years. Some people still think that editing, doctoring or "photoshopping" a shot is cheating or somehow not real photography and they are above it. Well, If Ansel Adams can make 1300 different version of one shot in the dark room certainly I can make a couple in Photoshop. I'm quite certain that if Ansel were alive today, as with all of the greats of yesteryear, they would be maximizing the tools at their disposal, just as they did way back when.

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