Purchasing Prints

Most photo sites that offer print purchases are a 'take what you get' kind of deal. Sure, you can choose a size and a paper but that's about it. You may also be able to get your favorite shot printed on a coffee cup or mouse pad if anybody still uses those. Usually the site's host will use their preferred printer, not the photographer's, in an effort to save money. The photographer will set up this system to make sales with minimal effort. So what's wrong with saving money and putting in little effort? Nothing, it's great... for the photographer and the hosting site, but not for you.


I would like to do things a little differently. Simply peruse the portfolio pages and email me and tell me which shot you are are interested in. We will start a dialog and I will find out a little about you and what your plans are for the print. We can discuss the different papers and which one might be best for you. I might even be able to give you some framing advice. Maybe you want to print on canvas in which case I can describe the various printing methods and potential cropping needs. Additionally, I will use one of several printers that I determine is best based on our conversations.

Pricing... Most of my images have been cropped to be visually appealing to me. I don't usually concern myself with standard sizes. Assuming that you are going to custom frame the print, it won't make any difference to you but it makes it hard for me to list sizes and price them accordingly here. Click on any print to get an approximation of sizes and cost, then, as described above, email me to discuss and get your order expedited.

Basically, I would like to offer you personal service, directly from the artist, so that, together, we can make sure that your purchasing and viewing experience can be the best possible.